Y2-Day 14 – Avid Reading

Everyone knows I am an avid reader.  I may be slow but I am methodical, erratic, passionate and committed to the written word, read aloud or in silence, technical device or old school bound copy (which is by far the most romantic, practical for highlighting and flagging and personally desired) and preferably done in seclusion so as not to be anti-social.

Well, today is day three of my illness and after feeling better yesterday, rebounding and doing more than I should have (sound familiar?) – I relapsed worse than ever and now have to start all over again.

Looking on the bright side, I received great reads from my children for Christmas, I borrowed a few from the library and bought some titles while shopping for others.

The universe’s message?  Stay still today, chill and catch up on organizing email, pictures, writing and the most appetizing reward for being sick and heeding advice I would give to others – reading.  Yea! Guilt free and plenty of hours to do it in!  I have to remember, I am healing while I enjoy the thing I love to do best!  It makes me appreciate I am ailing.  I get to recuperate and I get to read.

Instead of Bon Appetit or Bon Voyage it is Bonne Lecture!

This is just my Christmas through let’s say February reading.

Perusing Amazon is a great way to read some more, BTW.  Found two more interesting books for my collection.

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