Y2-Day 16 – Tiny Treat

Even a teeny, tiny treat can satisfy.

One of the reasons I went raw – for over four months – back in 2009 was because I was so taken by the desserts.  I was looking for more vegan dessert choices to splurge on and an employee at Mother’s asked if I had tried any raw vegan desserts?  Needless to say, raw is almost always organic and with the exception of a few sushi lovers, vegan.

Today, five years later and back on the vegan wagon,  I find there are twenty times more options to choose from and explore in the vegan dessert market.  There is always fruit;  simple, elegant and economical.  You can make your own vegan from scratch cakes, cookies, ice creams and concoctions.  Or you can purchase any number of pre-packaged items to make it swift and easy.

The other night my daughter made me a deconstructed vegan ice cream cookie sandwich.  The cookies are from a line called Susan’s Vegan Cookies.  These particular cookies are sugar free (I remember wondering when that was going to happen) and the ice cream is made from almond milk.

Five years ago, only soy ice cream was available and I don’t even believe it was non-gmo!  Nowadays, you can find coconut, almond, any nut/seed ice creams and even sugar and fat-free.  Amazing how when you can’t find something you create it or big businesses tune into what the masses demand.  The niche is quickly becoming saturated so shop and try a few.

For me, I don’t discount a whole brand because of one poor tasting experiment.  I don’t care for certain items in certain brands and never love everything.  I thought I would like the peanut butter cookies way more than the reality.  I absolutely adore the chocolate oatmeal which I didn’t even want to purchase but had to try.  What I can attest to, is my experience, according to my palette.

This in particular treat was served in a half cup sized glass bowl we use frequently to mis-en-place so it is little but all you really need.  Two sugar free orange and chocolate chip oat cookies (Susan’s vegan brand) were warmed in the microwave for approximately ten seconds, topped off with one quarter cup vanilla almond milk ice cream and made complete with raw organic chopped pecans and a miniature spoon.  The whole experience cost me under 250 calories which is a 75 minute walk.Happy taste testing!

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