Y2-Day27-lessons learned from Cindi

1. All new parents take tons of pictures and go on and on and on.

2. Attitude is everything.  If Cindi hadn’t had such a sunny, friendly, amiable disposition – the volunteers wouldn’t have chosen her for the Ducks show as an example of what you too can hope to find at the shelter.  If she had been frightened or angry or distant, I probably wouldn’t have chosen her.

3. Excitement and that certain electricity from the novelty is part of new relationships.

4. Volunteers are priceless.  The generosity of heart, time and effort given freely and the importance of being of service where needed is what makes volunteers true philanthropists. They do it for fun and for free and they work tirelessly.  This is true of most volunteers in all sorts of ways and in many areas of need.

5. Never underestimate the ability to love, expand and deepen your soul by caring for another sentient being.

6. Learning never ends, be open to being teachable and wait for the miracles.

7. Balance.  A little rest, a little play, a little food, a little walk, a little water, a little touching, a little adoration and attention make for a fine day.

8. Soft, cozy blankets feel best and wrapping ourselves up in them make us feel secure.

9. We can all get along.  Be cordial and polite. Respect each other’s space and personality. My cats and Cindi have a certain understanding that will allow them to live in peace with time.  They know about boundaries, have a sense of humor and want the same things.

10. It is a world of hope and abundance and that thought is our salvation.  All you need is LOVE; Love is all you are and all you give and receive.

Our first selfie.

One of my many teachers!

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  1. This is the kind of selfie I enjoy looking at. This is the kind of selfie that warms my heart and makes me smile. We won’t more………

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