Y2-Day 28 – Updates on Cindi

“Each friend represents a world in us, 
a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” 

Anais Nin

Cindi had her vet checkup.  Fabulous J, the dog rescuer (she’s volunteering today as a matter of fact) accompanied me.

Cindi is 12.5 lbs and approximately 5 years old.  Some sort of terrier mix.  She has great teeth, great ears, etc. She probably had 2-3 or more litters.  Her incision from getting fixed in December at the shelter is healed.

“A gem. You got yourself a gem.” said the Dr.

I agree.  She crates herself, comes to her name and knows her comfy spots by mama.

After the third trip to Petco and the eighth million question to new and old friends with dogs, I think I can safely take her up to the treehouse for an overnight slumber party.  She has a new pink warm jacket and I will be taking her beloved pink crate with comfy, soft blankies.

Today I learned that in gratitude, I make the decision to see beauty and love all around me.  I have healed an ancient wound.  I have unblocked love’s awareness.  My heart is tender, my soul is open and spirit enters.  I am the co-creator of the miracles I see around me.  

This is a celebration!


3 thoughts on “Y2-Day 28 – Updates on Cindi

  1. Beautiful blog. Well written and fills me up with love for the day. Thank you. Wishing you and Cindi a fun, safe trip.

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