Y2-Day 29 – Mountain Pup

Getting ready to come up the hill and packing for a new dog is like the first time you actually go out with your baby and diaper bag.  It’s a bit exciting, you’re not sure how it’s going to go and there is much anticipation and some trepidation.

I was advised to crate her in the back of our small SUV.  Poor Cindi never complained, whined or barked but driving up the winding roads to an eventual elevation of 5200 feet was enough to get her sick and she didn’t know where to sit or lay down or what to do because she sure as heck didn’t want to be around her uprooted breakfast.

At long last we made it to the cabin.  The first thing I usually do is put on a pot of organic decaf coffee.  Remember having an infant?  It’s not the first thing I did.  Instead I made sure she walked the grounds, her crate was in a centrally located place, her dirty blanket was put in the wash and then and only then did I unpack the car.

After settling in, I made myself some lunch and we took off for Lake Arrowhead.  This time Cindi rode in the front with me and loved it.  She never moved or fidgeted because I think she wasn’t keen on the whole crated experience for one hour in a moving vehicle.  She seems to prefer the proximity to her owner and everyone knows ‘those with queasy stomachs’ should ride shotgun.

It was 56 degrees out so I thought she might need a jacket but as it turned out it was quite warm in the sun and she had to take it off once we were out and about.

We walked around the lake, she wagged her tail and pulled on the leash to get friendly with every dog (no matter the size) she saw and then we entered a doggie shop.  Here we scoured the goodies and decided to come back at the end of our adventure so the treats we were bringing home to Beau, Rocky and Lilah (J, the dog rescuer’s dogs) would be fresh.  

Every shop in Lake Arrowhead is dog friendly and I tried on some clothes at my favorite place but like having a baby, dogs don’t always want to wait around and watch you in the dressing room unless they are sleeping and Cindi was pretty heady with scents she had sniffed and eager to check out the rest of dog town so I cut my shopping short.  After all, it was her first time up to the lake and I needed to respect her first outing up here and make it special and make it about her, not me.

Tonight, a warm relaxing fire.  I intend on snuggling up with Cindi by my feet while I eat, watch TV or read. I will bring her crate by my bed and put on the electric heater nearby.  I let her off leash finally to roam in a cat free home and she follows me everywhere or stays in her crate watching me or resting.

My friend J said ” You have a new buddy that loves you no matter what you look like, what your breath smells like, what kind of car you drive nor what kind of purse or clothes you own.  None of that matters to Cindi.  She loves you unconditionally, now and always, no matter what.”

I cannot believe my fortune.  It could only be better if the love of my life were here. Yet I do believe and imagine seeing the three cats down the hill dancing the jig, relieved or at least perplexed, giving my husband a wary eye.

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