Y2-Day 30 – Time Continuum

There has always been a certain air of benevolence in this getaway in the woods.  It has always felt like someone has loved someone else very deeply here.  It has the markings of good breeding and great, mindful care and thought in its color, surfaces, and lighting choices.  We inherited and added to that stage with deliberation, calm and conscientious details.  It’s not a modern, updated version of a ski lodge in Colorado – it’s more of a …well…a treehouse.  Some of the fixtures and flooring might be dated but it suits the sensibility of the nest somehow.

I have always felt, and now more so know, we are the beneficiaries/recipients as well as the benefactors/patrons of this dwelling.  With Cindi’s company and paws, our footprints on this home are paved.

Observing the contentedness of another is happiness itself.

There’s a sign I have hung here that states proudly, “Blessed are those who are pleasant to live with.”  I originally bought it years ago when I had a house full of teens, angst, worry and tension and to remind myself ‘this too shall pass’.

Later, I realized it was mainly all about MY attitude.

Slowly, I have come to recognize it is important I set my sights on being agreeable yet balance it with attaining a detached, sober view laced with love.  I work tirelessly on letting go and allowing others the respect to live their own lives and have their own thoughts.  Imagine that.  When I fumble, there are always taps on the shoulder from one of my loved ones.

I brought the plaque up to the treehouse on my first of many ‘moving in’ trips.

The energy left here and the vibrations upon entering the threshold of our wooden gate, exude holiness for me.  There is a sense of peace in a safe haven.

As I set a course for the day – feeding and watching the birds, walking along the lake with my precious Cindi,  checking out the town library, etc…- I must remember to appreciate, value and above all – make each second and interaction – sacred.


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