Y2 – Day 99 – The Walking Dead

Well, I am no fan of the show but I get to listen to all the noise and every time I look I get to see gore whenever a family member watches it so I thought I would write a little song.  I am no Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s lyricist for years before Tim Rice) but here is what I came up with and some dark, electric band should really consider putting music to it.

The wind was howling as I dialed your number ….and the mystery of the black road leading nowhere became apparent.

I huddled in the dark with my red scarf twirled around my neck and called out your name.


Hurry, come get me

Take me to the cathedral

Hurry don’t let me

Turn into evil

The world has changed and you have been warned today.  

Rags and killings and moans and growls reach to smother your neck and twist your head.

I have to reach you because beyond the yard I hear them following, slow but near.


They’ll bite you and eat you and make soup with blood.

I am running and gunning and need your help now, please.

Tonight might be the finish, the end of my time – so I hope you’re not one of them.


I am having just a little fun.  I counted each line to have the same number of syllables for each stanza so if your musical, I am sure you could put it to music.


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