Y2 – Day 98 – Encouragement

I think I am not getting anywhere and then my loving husband comes home with a copy of all of my writing from my blog since its conception and I realize “Wow, I have been doing a lot of writing – I am just all over the place!”  Having it physically in front of me, in binder form, is a great motivator to organize and categorize it possibly into a book or two.

“Handle them carefully …

for words have more power than atom bombs.”

Pearl Strachan HurdA true labor of love

Notice the abundance of avocados and one of my favorite sayings on my coffee cup  – “Be still and know that I am God”.  Also the first page is about Balance, a particularly difficult act of stability we (most of us) strive for daily.  I have a lot of work to do!

How I write is how I think and I write what I think.  I think like I am and I am what I think. I block the light when I am afraid to express what I think and it is no easy task to keep it private when it is made public.  My thinking is varied and ping pongs across the page so copying it for me was a good move on my husband’s part.  Compiling it and refining it will be my work.  Thank you for all the encouragement I get from all of you guys, all of the time.


5 thoughts on “Y2 – Day 98 – Encouragement

  1. I was just thinking, before I read this… A hundred+ days into year two, wow. What an inspiring example of commitment (sticktoitiveness, as my parents would say!) despite disheartenment, and love. Love for literature and writing, for your readers and most importantly, love for yourself.

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