Y2 – Day 100 – Principles

The moral codes of conduct are not new.  You already know them.

Remember what is etched in your soul.  Remind yourself of your spiritual foundation, your values or your ethics.  It affords you strength and vigor to work through new experiences and the courage to face change.

Be in the Now and Be the Light.  They say examples are the best sermons.  Act as if you are divine, even if you don’t believe it.  Eventually you will.

Trust you will be able to hear and discern your highest self’s voice and take its direction.  Look within for guidance and solution and then be grateful.

It builds confidence to listen to your conscience and act accordingly.

Thought for the day:  Either life, people, things, places or circumstances are a burden or they are a blessing.  It is a choice on how you view it.  Some of the best lessons are learned from the worst occurrences in our lives.  


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