Y2 – Day 101 – Meditation

Meditation is a necessary centering activity that connect you to your source.

Solitary contemplation is a form of meditation.

Being in a state of mindfulness is a form of meditation.

Being entirely present in the moment is a form of meditation.

Expressing your creativity is a form of meditation.

Engaging in your life’s passion or concentrating on your work is a form of meditation.

You do not have to be sitting crossed legged on a yoga mat in lotus position, eyes closed, chanting Sanskrit mantras, mala beads in hand to be meditating although that is also a form of meditation.

Find your forms of meditation.  In any form, meditation, contemplation and reflection releases and relieves tension, worry and chaos allowing you to tap into your peace.

Thought for the day: Seek structure but not so much it is restricting.


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