Y2 – Day 71 – Romance at Bower’s

This private collection is only here until March 23.  It is owned by one family and what is displayed is only about one fifth of their estate.  Of course my favorite painting was the most expensive one, valued at over five million (see woman below).  The paintings exude a freedom of expression in response to strict adherence to rules in the great art academies.  As political revolutions sprung, the art flourished independent of the studios’ tight reins. Artists rejected the rigid demands of previous constraints and created for themselves, interpreting for the public. Fascinating stories as well as twists on historical classics unfolded and lubricated oils on canvas.  Art can be a sensual experience and we were not disappointed.

Contemplation – circa 1900 by Herbert Draper

In Jaques Louis-David’s series of five paintings called Napoleon Crossing the Alps, the diminutive leader is seen as a victorious conquering hero in full military regalia and splendor straddling a white stallion in a fierce hind legs stance, head held high.  This was the portrayal in 1801- 1805.

In robust contrast, Delaroche paints a series of five counter statements in 1848. His portrayal depicts an honest visual of the reality.  The artist awakened, not commissioned.

We were directed by a knowledgeable docent to notice how tired, how downtrodden the horse and man looked.  She continued to explain much of the artwork to us which deepend our experience in these rooms.

This was by far our favorite exhibit that day at the museum.  We eagerly filled out a critical survey for them and thanked our busy ‘private’ docent as she headed off to lead a group of art students with an appointment to tour Revolution to Romanticism: Freedom of Expression in 19th Century European Painting.  Our heads were filled by then.

2 thoughts on “Y2 – Day 71 – Romance at Bower’s

  1. Finally caught up with you today and what a wonderful surprise! I really enjoyed reliving our museum visit! Oh and that pic looks just like our girl Cindy…………….oh how I miss her, and you too CC!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for commemorating our vacation. What special memories!

  2. Lovely article! I am thrilled you enjoyed the exhibit: Revolution to Romanticism – Freedom of Expression in 19th Century Painting. I am the curator of the exhibit recently displayed at the Bowers Museum. Did you know that all the painting in the Revolution to Romanticism exhibit were on loan from The Knohl Collection? The Knohls live in Anaheims Hills and own 260 paintings and approximately 80,000 art objects, all housed in their personal residence. The Knohls are eager to share their treasures with the world, and have agreed to open their home on May 4th. Since you have a passion for the arts, I encourage you to see the entire collection on May 4th. Spread the word, bring your family, friends, and fellow bloggers. Check out our website for more information: http://www.theknohlcollection.com or http://www.apacf.org (events tab)
    May 4th, 2014 10am to 6pm – Fox Pointe Manor & Gardens Tour
    Spend the day touring Fox Pointe Manor & Gardens
    Attend art lecturers by: Carol Seelig Eastman, Curator of the Knohl Collection Jacqueline Hahn, Renowned Art Historian
    Lectures held at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm
    Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.
    Tickets: $35 • Special Groups of 12 or more $25
    Students $25 • $45 at the door

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