Y2- Day 70 – A return to Bower’s

On our self guided tour through the museum, we agreed on what was attractive to us and pointed out what the other may have missed.  There was plenty to appreciate in the Chinese wing dedicated to culture, history and art brought from the Shanghai Museum.  Some of the pieces went as far back as 5000 years ago.  There were textiles, ivory pieces carved expertly, ceramics, etc.

What especially drew my attention was a Scholar’s Study that was arranged and styled to demonstrate where and how a Chinese scholar would work during the Ming Dynasty.  The pieces smelled of actual ink and there was an air of musky paper as you might whiff amongst the stacks in old libraries.  Being drawn to any writing and reading, desk paraphernalia included, I was taken by this “room”.We ventured a little into the pre-Columbian (before 1492) and were both struck by a sculpture that resembled our very own little Cindi.

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