Y2 – Day 64 – The Wizard of Oz

From start to finale, from whimisical characters and dreamy sometimes nightmarish settings to memorable witty dialogue and from black and white to technicolor and back – The Wizard of Oz is an all time favorite story, movie and now touring stage musical.

Wicked is based on it, OZ the great and powerful is a completey different take on it – L. Frank Baum’s original and imaginative book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  America sang about the Tin Man in 1974 and Elton John dedicated a whole album to the Yellow Brick Road back in 1973. We grew up with this adventure of lost and found, a commentary on finding yourself, a statement about authenticity and the power of believing.

We (ML and I) had the pleasure of experiencing this spectacle of our annual TV watched staple this Sunday at the Segerstrom Hall where our kids went for years to learn, listen and have ice cream socials at the Symphony for the Youth Program.Although there’s a strong imaginative aspect to the Wiz, it is based on solid, grounded values.  And although it appeals to children of a bygone era, its innocence and symbolism draws the mature audience in as well.Home is where the Heart is – there’s no place like Home and we must aspire to and be inspired by the Intellect, Love and Bravery.

“We could accomplish many more things

if we did not think of them as impossible.”

-Jacques Rousseau 

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