Y2 – Day 63 – February Harvest/Cindi health report

Yup. That’s right.  February is still bringing it in.  We have Swiss Chard, Cilantro, Parsley, Lettuces and way too many Meyer lemons (they are sweeter than commercially grown Eureka) hanging heavily, bending our two dwarf trees and a smattering of smaller tomatoes that taste homegrown and sweet.

Sorely needed rain is predicted for Thursday through Sunday (at least five inches).  

Cindi update:  Poor baby.  Thanks to J’s knowing and super sensitive nose – she smelled Cindi’s ears and predicted ear infection.  Lo and behold, she had a terrible yeast outbreak in there and the vet lubricated her inner ears with a combination antibiotic, steroid and something else.  This should last for two weeks.  If when she goes back for a check up, it’s not all cleared up, which is possible, then another dosage is given.

Meanwhile, directions for itching:

1. Bathe one to two times/week with moisturizing liquids (I have been using Aveeno Baby Wash and Mane and Tail conditioner).

2. Children’s Benadryl dosage twice/day since it is allergy related.

3. Wipe her down and all around with Baby Wipes (I got her specifically the ones for moisturizing with oatmeal) at least twice/day and if I want every time we come in from outside.

4. Change her food to just two and different proteins/carbs she has never had so she has never had the chance to become allergic to (Dick Van Patten’s Duck and Potato).  No more treats (darn!) and no deviating from the plan for six weeks.  The food should be canned because it is more hydrating.

We are hoping this relieves her so she doesn’t form lesions from scratching.  Plus, she has gained one full pound and that’s too much.  She is exercising plenty (2-3 miles/day walks) but I need to be feeding her less.

Whew!  I never knew having a doggie was such a learning curve!  It’s very similar to having a new baby.  I am grateful I am home with her just like I was with our munchkins!

I hope the above information helps someone else who may be having same issues.Awww!


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