Y2-Day 57 – Mystery Solved

After arriving to the treehouse ravished, we dove into raw garlic hummus with broccoli and black bean chips, a quick glass of San Pelegrino sparkly water, threw perishables into the refrigerator, walked Cindi around, put on the heat in the house and jumped back into the car and headed towards the center of town in Lake Arrowhead to catch the second outing of the Arrowhead Queen boat tour.  Dogs are allowed as long as they are behaved and Cindi made us proud.

After we meandered throughout the three levels of shops and restaurants ( Mountain Arts Co-Op, Three Dog Bakery for treats, Leroy’s for fashion, Tea and Coffee Shop for outdoor cafe-ing and a much loved boutique), essentially an outdoor mall, we called it a day, again famished.

On our way to the parking lot, we met a couple with two dogs who stopped to ask if we knew what breed Cindi was.  “Nope, not a clue.” we responded.  She declared Cindi a chi weenie, a half chihuahua and half daschund, a designer breed apparently, after observing that Cindi looked just like her Delilah (Samson, her toy poodle’s housemate).  Sure enough, Delilah was brown and a little bigger but her owner pointed out that the facial markings (which makes them look older than they are due to it looking like a gray haired condition), donut tail and all over look was identical.  Delilah barked.  She sounded just like Cindi even with the final ‘Hrrrmph’ exclamation point.

Well, what do you know?  What was the likelihood that at the very moment we were leaving and this couple was entering the main square, someone would inform us with living proof what Cindi’s origins must be – after all our speculations?

After looking on line, Chiweenies run the spectrum of hybrid appearances making it hard to believe Cindi could be one – but our two girls in Arrowhead had an uncanny resemblance.  Mystery solved.

2 thoughts on “Y2-Day 57 – Mystery Solved

  1. Hahhaha. She had the back lifted because she is so rakish. lol. The other dog obviously is used to the cold.

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