Y2-Day 56-Comings and Goings

Safely arriving to and fro.  My NY BFF arrived into LAX on a pleasant flight and we let the festivities begin after hugging.  Oh, but first, we had to pass the Cindi ‘territorial’ exam.  Cindi behaved abominably albeit instinctively.  If anyone ever had any doubt that anger and aggression comes from pure fear just watch animals.

All is well now after successive texting to J, the dog rescuer, and applying what I had learned.  She barked, she nipped and lunged.  We held Cindi and petted ML (NY BFF).  We had ML walk by her, right in front of her, back and forth, praising when she did nothing, correcting with a strong pull at the collar and a big, fat, bass “NO!” when she barked, growled or lunged.  ML gave her treats. Nada.  No big love affair going on.

This morning, after getting down to her level on the floor though, there was a big massage and licking fest between the two.

Today, Cindi got to go to work with daddy and everyone said she was wonderful.  (Little did they know about her previous behavior towards our guest).  She is his new employee.  LOL.

Meanwhile, we, the human girls, got to visit Bower’s Museum and Mother’s Market.  Fun was had by all (plus growth on Cindi’s part and I got an education too) and more on Bower’s during this week.

Off to the mountains and the treehouse with ML and Cindi tomorrow.

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