Y2-Day 37- Emancipation

Today would have been Cindi’s kill date.  She was to be put down today at the shelter and instead we won the lottery and adopted her on the 17th, thirteen days ago.  Who rescues who when you save a life?

I have been kinder to the cats because of Cindi’s love and adoration.  The warmth and joy this little doggie gives us is spreading itself everywhere and all over.  I have become mushy but I have become more responsible too.  She has unlocked another door in my heart I never knew was shut.  It’s as if a window to my soul has been opened and the sun is shining in.  Unconditional love and devotion reigns.

She is precious and I dote on her.  She follows me everywhere and just wants to please.  She has a mind of her own and instincts but is easily manageable because of her size and disposition.  She allows the cats to come right up to her nose and sniff her without barking or chasing them.  She obeys, she is trained and I feel like I won a prize.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want such a behaved little dog like Cindi.

She is a happy camper and smart.  When I come into the house or into the room she wags her tail and jumps around and has a regular ‘welcome home’ party for me – all that is missing is the banner and the party hats.  She wants to socialize with most every dog and person.  Ninety percent of her awake time is spent wagging her tail with frisky expectation.

She sleeps all night except for her grooming intervals.  Last night, I heard her snore.  Sometimes I hear her whimper in her sleep while she is dreaming.  Mostly, she is still and quiet and contented snuggled in a corner of her crate curled into herself and surrounded below and around by a cushy, plush throw.  I check to make sure she is breathing just like an infant.  “Oh no.”  Yup.

Wherever I place a blanket down, she is there to lay down upon it and watch me type, or read, or cook dinner or do laundry or fold or watch TV.

Her pure delighted gratitude full of instant glee –  when we go on walks, when we lay on our backs on the grass together looking up at the sky or when I give her a well deserved massage at night with lavender scented hands – is time well spent and rehabilitates, eases and renews my mind.  She soothes and heals my soul.

Who liberated whom?  We were made for each other and this was meant to be.  I am grateful to my friend J, the dog rescuer for giving me the heads up on this rescue and my loving husband for giving me the thumbs up on this family addition.

Happiness is writing with your pets by your side.


3 thoughts on “Y2-Day 37- Emancipation

  1. I love today’s blog. I thinkCindi is the right dog for you, at the right time of your life. She was meant to show you and take you to a different level and place in your life right now. All of the stars aligned and your new life is flourishing. I think that on the other side of fear is a whole new, bright, colorful world of the unexpected. It is a big step adopting a shelter dog and you took the leap and selflessly opened a whole new world for Cindi. With Cindi’s new world came a new world for you. I am enjoying hearing of the the delights am
    Nod new beginnings from day to day with Cindi, the cats, your husbands, neighbors, friends. I can’t wait to read what happens next.

  2. You should have a blog – you write so well and thank you. We really need to film a reality show called J the dog rescuer and friends. Thank you for always supporting me and with your love, guiding me too.

  3. Aawwwww. I love how the love (it really does abound!) of this new furry spirit has opened your heart to the love (<3) of the older others. (Older others… Is that what we are? Naaaahhh. Haha)
    Jane's comment was spot on, well said. And happy.

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