Y2-day 36 – Reality Lately

Have you ever been angry at the driver in front of you for going too slow or because they made an error in judgment that caused you to brake?  I do constantly and sometimes I am that driver and I get ‘yelled’ at by some equally incensed driver that informs me with their body language through the windshield they are not at all happy with me.

But what if I were to see beyond the image of the person and know that in some way they were distracted by personal concerns, pressures or stresses?

We tend to put up boundaries that separate us from others based on our past experiences and armor or walls up in anticipation of future experiences.  What if I treated each instant as a new one?

Being spontaneously present means to come to the table with no expectations nor assign it any history.  What is the meaning in that moment for you?

What defines reality for you?  What is the truth and what is the illusion?

Look in the mirror and ask to experience yourself differently.

I know that judgment is useful only as a tool for discernment.  Otherwise, it is a block to the awareness that love is in all things.  It always involves rejection.  Whenever I have a negative opinion or become critical, I know the ego, my big, fat, ugly, huge ego self is involved.  I am certainly not thinking of your welfare or having higher, elevated, mature thoughts.

When I think of good vs evil or us vs. them – I am separating from the belief that brings me peace, that everything is One.  And that One, is Love.

I am love and I need to integrate love in every action throughout the day because that may be the one thought on the continuum of enlightenment that will shine a light on the level of the reality I seek.

When I have a troubling or negative thought, I can choose again – a different thought – or give it to the Universe.  I need to surrender the dream because only love is real.

The feelings I have are repercussions of correct or incorrect thoughts.  When I attack myself or others I miss the big picture.  Do my thoughts bring me peace or anxiety?

Re-frame your thinking.  When you feel (fill in the blank) it is because you have judged yourself as capable of being (fill in the blank).  Choose Again.

When I recognize and come to the realization that really – all there is – is  Love, then call me a product of the sixties but it helps me re – member the love that we are and come from.  For when I take away all worldly goods, all material success, status, popularity and strip it down; when I contemplate on my body’s finiteness and meditate on my true essence and life force – all I see is LOVE.

I heard this yesterday – Life is worth breathing.  Delve in the sweet vibration of nature and bring yourself back to life and BE with the living.

I choose peace.  I choose unconditional love.  I choose to see Love in everything I see, feel love in everything I experience, hear love, smell love, taste love, give love –  for this brings me serenity and joy.

And when I am disturbed, I need to pause and re-member or rejoin with Love and make Love the master of my Life, again.

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