Y2 – Day 343 – Quantity vs. Quality

“This is my time here on Earth and I shall blossom – and – ┬ájust like a daisy cannot hope to become a rose, I find freedom and satisfaction in being the best Cecilia I can be.” – CBSteger

There will be people who question, deride, ignore or despise you. Keep walking your authentic path and you shall be shielded.

Marianne Williamson once said, ” It isn’t the breadth of my influence, but the depth of my devotion, that determines my value to the world.”

I value her quote and will add – It isn’t the quantity of people I know (which I used to think so) but the quality of relationship I have with people, today, that rewards and enhances my life and theirs.

I get that today.

Think of all the people whom have changed your life. Maybe they were sweet, helpful or supportive in some way – and maybe they didn’t even know it. Perhaps they ignited a spark, lit some light for you, or reminded you of a hidden gift you have that they recognized in you. It is also possible they were not in your life for very long, just a split instant is all it takes to feel validated, approved of or encouraged. We do the rest.

I am sure you can think of someone in your youth. I recall a homeroom teacher whom I only saw for ten minutes a day in Junior High. He advised me to smile more. He took the time to tell me that somewhere between attendance and announcements. He felt I expressed my inner beauty when I smiled. I must have looked glum, withdrawn or distracted. He wasn’t a creep, he was very respectful about it. He merely observed and commented.

I have always remembered that small kindness and attention. In a flash, I felt less troubled and equipped with a shortcut solution to my attitude. I learned about having a positive outlook and the generosity of sharing your awareness, in one open, truthful sentence.

At a certain point, you look back and notice the quality people or the persons with qualities you admired and just sigh, shake your head and pass it on.


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