Y2 – Day 342 – Mystic Helpers

IMG_3403On my hand hewn, exotic night table, I keep several pertinent ‘mystic helpers’ I use for various reasons.

The copper spheres are weighty and fit in the palms of my hand. I use them to meditate. Copper is said to balance emotions, give vitality and banish exhaustion. It is good for joint conditions such as inflammation, arthritis and bursitis. I like the way they are sculpted and warm as I hold them. Besides the breath, they keep me focused.

The petite ball and chain to the left of the copper metal shapes is one of my pendulums. It is a one of a kind piece, handmade by a metaphysical peer. I use pendulums to dowse. Dowsing is the ancient art of seeking answers using energy and it is having a huge comeback. It is a form of what we now call biofeedback.

The black stone is tourmaline. It absorbs negative energy, purifies it and allows you to redirect it in a more productive way. It is a protective and grounding stone I keep on me all day, and at night, I rest it by the amethyst.

My amethyst helps me sleep, along with magnesium, lavender water and reading. It is said to connect you to the divine, as well as protect and purify.

I once knew a secret agent for the government who did extremely high operative, clandestine and confidential (dangerous I imagine) work. He wore a gold Buddah, a Star of David and a Cross all on one gold chain around his neck. When I asked him why his reply was he wanted to cover all his bases.

I believe in any and all precautions, advantages and mysterious symbols as well. You never know.

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