Y2 – Day 315 – The Law of Universal Happiness

Choosing to be happy, no matter what or asking “How can I embrace this moment?” or “What good will come of this?” is cooperating with the Positive Energy in the Universe.  Opting to see what is best in all situations and deciding to be happy always is true enlightenment.  It is allowing the Universe to mold you.  When you conform to this Law, you become pliable and flexible.  You realize everything is happening for us.  You walk through the day with blessed comfort.

Given any situation, how do you respond OR how do you resist?  Do you give the reins to Divine Source or do you grasp on more tightly?  When we struggle with the riptide we get pulled under into the depth of the undertow.  Suffering is when you want things to go your way or the highway and not allowing things to unfold.  We cause our own distress by believing what we have before us is not enough, who we are is not good enough or thinking it all needs to be different.

Entering the stream of life, on the other hand, becomes effortless when you shape your moments as they come.  Accommodating into the flow does not mean you are standing on the side lines with your arms crossed.  You move through the day with enthusiasm and expectation of finding the best scenarios, instead.  It sounds a little Pollyana, but to be fair, she didn’t ignore her reality, she just made the best use of it.

Shakespeare wrote, ” Sweet are the uses of adversity.”  And, it is good to have a guide or two along the way who has been there before.  Why not?  You never want to go sailing with a captain who has never been through a storm before – right?

We are caught in our minds, the web, and we don’t even realize the spaces we even move through.  How many times have you driven the same road and checked out?  Today, look about and around you.  Acknowledge the Universe for our blessings and seamlessly, new events happen.

You know you are in ego when everything is serious, heavy, ‘controlled’ by you.  You know you are on your way to enlightenment, when you lighten up and laugh at yourself.  Who would you rather hang out with?  The stern, rule follower that never cracks a warm smile or the Happy Buddah?

The present moment is the perfect moment.

There is an old Zen saying, “Let go or be dragged.”  Letting go, we let life live us and propel us forward.  That spirit we each feel and have felt is watching us, is within us.

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