Y2 – Day 314 – Crystals

The following crystals and stones are my new additions.  The top left obilisque and heart is made of fluorite.  Fluorite helps with studies, focus and cleanses negativity.  The deep greens, transparent spaces and purple layers make it beautiful and the spike has an inclusion which makes it unique.

In the right corner is aragonite. This spiky, orange sputnik is a star cluster and it balances energy fields, promotes emotional healing and renews strength and confidence.

The blue stones shaped as eggs and a spike are lapis lazuli which aids your inner vision, encourages truthful communication and many ancient and even modern cultures used it only in the royal circles.  Buddhists recommend it to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts.

In the lower right is an oblique made of black, shiny obsidian.  This silica rich volcanic rock grounds you.  It is used often for psychic protection by light healers.

The red stones are red jasper.  Jasper is a variety of quartz.  It enhances your physical strength and vitality so it is a great crystal to take to the gym.

The round, flat, smooth stones are jet, obsidian and hematite.  Jet also grounds and protects.  Hematite grounds and is used for manifesting as well.

You can see I felt I needed much grounding and protection with all the spiritual, metaphysical and clearings going on around here.

In the last chakra class, I will give everyone a pouch of seven crystals they get to keep, one for each chakra. I will take them through a meditation, lying down, while we place each corresponding stone on our chakra points.  This will aid balance and insight as they follow breathing and relaxation techniques.  There is still time to sign up.  Class starts Nov. 5 and ends Dec. 3.

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