Y2 – Day 312 – Update

As I get ready for my Chakra Classes that start next week, compiling and sorting and typing up info with graphics, accumulating assorted chakra enhancing goodies to share and trying to organize it all, I realize I may never even get to give the class if I don’t get another student to come.

So, I am sending it out into the Universe; if you need to be in this class, have them show up, guide the right persons to me.  The worst that can happen, is I reschedule it for 2015.

Meanwhile, I am clearing spaces, cleansing people and everyone is getting great results.

My desk is gridded and I am moving forward.  After this Thursday, The Social Media classes begin right after The Secrets of Business series end.

Archangel classes continue.  Retrograde ended.  Plus I reunite with two friends I haven’t seen in a while this week.

The cats are super interested in all my shenagnanins and I am going to have to set up a new area of sacredness – away from pets!!!

How was your retrograde?  Are things moving along more smoothly?  Do you find yourself with the flow?  Are communications better?  What will you be for Halloween?

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