Y2 – Day 302 – Mountain Time

It is so absolutely refreshing here!  Went to the Library bookstore and snatched another Isabel Allende novel for $2 and it is her hardcover new bestseller.  It is called Ripper and looks like a murder mystery based in San Francisco.  Also came home with seventeen other books, all worthwhile, from classics to non-fiction.  I am especially keen about reading Flying without Fear by Duane Brown, Phd.  This incredible phobia is keeping me grounded and I do not like to be limited.  Hopefully, I will get some courage to even read it.

It is time for a fire, as it is getting colder now in the afternoon.

I made a delicious vegan stew like dish in one big pot.  Mushrooms, carrots and onions chopped up and sizzling in hot tarragon infused olive oil.  Then I added canned diced tomatoes, veggie paste, pasta seasoning, water, soy spaghetti, garbanzos and vegan ground meat.  Once it cooked up a bit, I tossed in some artichoke hearts from a jar and a few kalamata olives.  Yum.  Cooking with Altitude is inspirational.

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