Y2 – Day 300 – Crystals

How apropos that day 300 be the day I post about crystals.  Why?  Because the number 3 is a master, spiritual number in all of numerology, whether it be ancient, Egyptian, modern, Chinese, etc…I lay my stones out into the sun in order to cleanse and clear them. This is one way.  I placed them on my slate table outdoors this morning for @ 1-2 hours.

The circular, spiral fossils are ancient ammonites which bring wonderful energy into the home.  They are not rocks but previous living sea creatures. Since they come from the past they connect you to ancestral wisdom.  They are beautiful besides having the potential to help integrate the past and form new perspectives in the present.  They also spiritually protect your home.

The stones in the plastic boxes are all categorized and labeled for ease.  I grouped some newly acquired crystals I will be using for my chakra class.  I have stones I wanted to keep together in sets in order to facilitate grid distribution on my desk.  I am re-doing my desk with an autumn tablecloth and re-working my feng shui bagua map grids with the crystals. Wanting to start clean and de-cluttered, I am now shoveling through the mess I have accumulated over two months and using new knowledge to clear and then empower my workspace.

Information on the vibratory essence of crystals, colors, ceremony, scent, herbs, potions and sound is never ending and always updated as science catches up to what the ancients knew, handed down and even died for.  It is once again re-surfacing under the umbrella of metaphysical, yogic and natural/holistic medicine studies.

I do not tire learning about this.  And, there is so much to further understand.  I am just scratching the surface.  I repeatedly do experiments on and for myself to prove, disprove or deepen my connection to the invisible.  I always tell my husband “If nothing else, it is entertaining.”  As long as it is all used for the highest good of all, with the utmost respect, I find it incredibly enlightening.  After all, electricity is not visible yet harnessed.  Why shouldn’t electromagnetic waves and the energy that vibrates subtly from rocks, trees and water not be interpreted and made use of?

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