Y2 – Day 286 – All Worlds

I have the pleasure of sharing this world of words and wisdom and warm-heartedness with some wonderful, intelligent and interesting humans, living and deceased.  Some are Hindi, some are Christian, some are Jewish, some are Buddhist, some are non-denominational, some are Toltec, some are Islamic, etc… I have always loved to read, explore and glean pearls of positive thoughts from wherever.  Truisms need no explanation, you just know.

Heard the other day on Joel Osteen radio, “Use your words not to describe but to change your life.” and I thought about the power of affirmations.

Whatever walk of life or state of mind you are in, try using affirmations out loud to aide you in moving forward.  Repeat till you not only believe it but you visualize and achieve it.  The power of positive thinking with good intentions and letting go of the outcome is a tried and true tool used by inventors, geniuses, musicians, artists, etc.  Do not be discouraged.  Occasionally, things look different but have the same desired effect.  Sometimes, you are NOT supposed to get what you think you want because it is not the best thing for you, so trust the Universe.  Or, the timing is wrong or you are not ready yet.

Here and there, the connection is strong, the galaxies are aligned and you are more than ready for it.  On Thursday night, I was officially invited to be part of the faculty at the Art of Life Institute.  Although my trajectory seems to be quick, the behind the scenes making of this scenario was a long time coming.  I will be teaching an Introductory class on the Chakras in November, with a series of Master classes to follow and host a Sound Healing event possibly in January.

I am grateful to be a part of this visionary and talented group, whom I learn from.

Expanding our world, validating our truth and trusting in the unseen yet sensed is what metaphysics is all about.

2 thoughts on “Y2 – Day 286 – All Worlds

  1. Congratulations, that is wonderful news! You are certainly a gifted and inspirational teacher.
    Looove the quote, using words not to describe but to change your life…

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