Y2 – Day 285 – Happy Pumpkin!

Orange Pumpkin time.  This vegetable is a member of the squash family and weighs @ 40 pounds. Insane.  My husband thought it was a keeper and brought it home.  

The sweeter pumpkins are actually the squatter ones.  It is fairly simple to prepare to eat.  Cut the squash with a strong and sharp knife into large pieces.  Scrape the seeds out and rinse in a colander.  Be sure to dislodge all the stringy strands away from the seeds.  Toss the seeds with some olive oil, spices of your choice and salt.  Spread evenly and thinly onto a cookie sheet.  Bake for 15-20 minutes at low heat, @ 250 or until crunchy and golden.  This is a great snack and keeps well.  

The squash meat can be boiled or steamed until tender.  Then, when cool, remove the skin and use in all of your fall recipes.  You can even freeze it for @ one month.  

Try pumpkin ice cream or custard.  Pumpkin bread or pie.  Replace 1/2 mashed potato recipe with smashed pumpkin.  Add to soups or whir in blender with veggie broth for a sublime, creamy, hearty soup.  Use your imagination!

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