Y2 – Day 284 – Get Ready for Retrograde

About three (sometimes four) times a year, we go through Mercury in Retrograde according to Astrology.  The backward movement of the planet’s course is actually an illusion but it still affects our planet.  Be wary of miscommunication or misinterpretations during this time.  It is a time when things may break down, like your car, appliances, electronics, etc… Therefore, it is a great time to use your positive affirmations, repair anything, re-visit any unfinished business and make plans getting to events and appointments earlier (just in case).

Saturday, October 4 – Saturday, Oct. 25th will be the direct retrograde however, there is pre- and post- shadowing that happens about one week before and after too.

We have been advised in our Metaphysical classes to write down goals, actions and events we want to walk through without too much turmoil before Saturday.  This allows us to prepare and remind us plus send the energy of intention for all to go smoothly, to the Universe.  Even if you think this is baloney, it doesn’t hurt to write down what you want to accomplish and need to attend to in the next few weeks.

It is a great time to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore and it is a superb time to lose weight.  It is also ideal for self-reflection and meditation.  This is good.

My lists consist of three categories:

1. Aspirations      2. Incomplete Projects     3. Trips, Occasions and Rituals

Since Mercury in Retrograde can mess up communications, time and business dealings, I made sure to look through my calendar and simply jot down what I intend on accomplishing in the next three weeks or so.  Probably re-confirming times and places is a  smart thing anytime of the year, anyway.

I also checked my itinerary and all events and wrote this out.

Finally, I have one billion gazillion ideas I could be completing or re-thinking.  What an intelligent way to get me to complete projects.  De-cluttering comes to mind immediately.  Finishing up half-read books is also on my list.  As well as, all the fixing or altering I have been putting off.

It sounds about right that about three to four times a year, we need to re-evaluate and review our lives and have extra awareness of our words and behavior.  We might encounter delays or upsets however our responses will determine the amount of drama we invite into our days.  Let’s look for the good!

Can you clue me in we are just in Mercury Retrograde when no one gets me, understands me or things don’t go my way?  And, I will be happy to refresh your memory  – when I am late calling or meeting up with you, in return.

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