Y2 – Day 270 – Grateful

We had a little scare today with Cindi and all is well now… we hope…waiting still on some test results.  The real take away here is the gratitude I feel and the total knowledge that my heart breaks.

If you never dare to love for fear of suffering, you will not live fully nor enjoy the spectrum of feelings we are capable of.

Here are 12 (just off the top of my head) things I am grateful for after today and this one incident:

I am grateful that I am observant.  I am grateful that I am pro-active.  I am grateful that J, the dog rescuer was walking with me at the time and had a phone.  I am grateful that I have friends that are concerned and support me.  I am grateful that my husband is a deep, tender soul and showed up at the animal hospital.  I am grateful that Cindi is home.  I am grateful for her exuberance when she saw us when they released her.  I am grateful I was able to work out my worry at the gym while we waited.  I am grateful for hope and endorphins.  I am grateful we could afford to pay the vets.  I am grateful it seems to be minor enough to be treated with antibiotics.  I am grateful for all the sympathetic pet doctors, veterinary research and nearby facilities.

Imagine if you lived your life each moment in gratitude.  We take so much for granted as we get caught up in the daily grind. We make our happiness conditional; I would be happy if this or that.  When, all the while, “happy people are grateful people and those who aren’t – aren’t.”

What I learned today is that serenity can go right out the door, even with a meditation practice under my belt…but Gratitude always brings me back to surrender, acceptance and letting go.

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