Y2 – Day 269 – Weather

Can the weather stress you out?  Oh, yes it can.  I am living proof.

Can you control it? No, but you can move, or stay comfortable and find shelter.

I don’t care how much you like snow, last year, New Yorkers were done with the bitter cold.  And even if you were a dry heat lover and your ideal retirement weather was hot, you wouldn’t appreciate weeks of heat waves, would you?

Weather does affect people.  Statistically, there are less crimes committed during the winter and there’s always a spike in the summer.  The lack of sunshine in your life can depress you and you can slip and fall on ice but can I just vent here?  I love it cooler.  I love pines and clean air.  I love a grey, greenish morning.  I love it when it rains.  Heck, I am fascinated by downpours.

We are totally impacted by our environment.  If you love palm trees, dry heat, pastels and the desert – you are going to be semi-unhappy living in a cold, moist, rainforest – let’s say in Washington state.  If you adore sand between your toes, the sun shining on your body 24/7 and breezes, maybe you should look into moving to Hawaii.

But  ideally, My psyche needs green and water, temperatures cool, from a low 55 to a high of 75 max. I am such a limited gal, I know.  I am not much one for change although I like variables but not big, giant fluctuations.

I crave drizzles, mist and reading by the fire.  Unfortunately, we have been inundated not by moisture, but by hot, hot heat and plenty of sunshine.  Even the lizards cannot linger and are running for cover under leaves  –  the birds are flying in desperate searches for water sources and heading up… north.  Maybe sun worshippers are enjoying this but I am clearly done -stick a fork in me.  It is not even cooling hardly at night, yuk.

I am grateful for air conditioning, ice and all the comforts of home but when I step outside, I feel like I can’t breathe.

What’s your favorite weather and does the opposite influence your mood?  Where should you really be living?  Where do you escape to for vacation?

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