Y2 – Day 248 – Attitude and Elevation

As the most recent contestant, Willie, left the Master Chef show, he quoted his grandmother, “Attitude will always determine your altitude.”  I imagine this in reference to how your disposition decides how high you can achieve a dream.

Today, as our Hummel flies out of Germany, into Paris and then on to New York, I ponder determination, choices and aspirations.  Reach for the stars is an old slogan that bears revisiting.  I believe that the Universe conspires with you when you are committed to your vision.  And, if it is not meant for you in the scheme of things, it will not happen.  I also know, it never looks or unfolds, like you think it will, if it does come true.

Below, is a picture V took on her adventure.  Imagine being 21 and seeing this for real!  A dream come true for all us fairy princesses who have grown up.

Reach for the Stars and Dream Big!


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