Y2 – Day 249 – Be Responsible

“Think with the whole body.” – Taisen Deshimuru

We were created in Joy.  If we are not experiencing or creating Joy, we become blocked, bitter and negative.  Cranky, argumentative, discourteous, disagreeable or just plain mean people die alone, or at the very least, without knowing the Joy of giving and receiving true Love.

Sweet, pleasant and kind people are missed with genuine loss.  Open, endearing and cheery persons are whom we want to spend time with.  All you have to do is be the best self you were always meant to be.  It is up to you.  Be the person you want to hang out with and then hang out with yourself.  Spend time alone reflecting on who you are.

Chris Prentiss writes in Zen and the Art of Happiness, “The more you engage in any type of emotion, the greater the desire for it will become.”  Therefore, choose wisely, I say.

Take responsibility for your emotions, thoughts, words and actions.  Feel empowered that you DO have options on how you respond to life and to others.  But, you DO NOT have control over others.

What is happiness? It is a conscious choice.

Don’t get hooked by negatively charged vampires like a fish gulping the worm.  Remove yourself, do not engage, don’t put on the boxing gloves just because the bell rang and you will instead bring grace to the situation.

How you respond, dictates the quality of your life.

Byron Katie explains that “everything happens FOR us – not TO us.”

The Universe delivers what is perfect for you.  All it takes is willingness to believe all of it is good – All is Well.  Accept what is and give thanks.

Every moment depends on what we think and do, for that becomes our future.  Your thoughts become form on a cellular level.  What you put into your mind and feed your soul affects your biology.  Your body has an intelligence of its own.  What you eat influences you too.  Mental health is important.  Think and act yourself into emotional and physical wellness, not illness.

Once you have been given the torch of awareness about how you decide your outlook on life, all sorts of dark bends in the road begin to appear for you to illuminate.  Challenges become opportunities for practice and growth and obstacles become gifts with positive benefits.

“The highest nobility lies in taming your own mind.” – Atisha


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