Y2 – Day 247 – Germany Still

If you have been traveling with us, on V’s adventure, you know she is staying at hostels with just a backpack as she traverses Germany, with a bit of Austria.  She has one more day and she leaves and flies into Paris with enough time to see a few sights, she hopes.  Meanwhile, here is a German cat, an inside look at the beauty of a German hostel and a view from her room (hello, Virginia Woolf).

Last I heard, she visited Heidelberg, home to the oldest university in Germany and an old bridge with its famous castle displaying architecture from Gothic to Renaissance styles.  Plus her dad as a toddler and grandparents were stationed at the US military housing base there, many moons ago, so it is a trip through family history too.

And, this word just in, she arrived safely into Frankfurt am Main, a hub of museums and theatre.

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