Y2 – Day 240 – V’s Germany Trip

V, my New Yorker, is in Germany for the next two weeks enjoying the country, vistas, sites, language, trains and FOOD!!!  She spent one month or so studying German at the University of Berlin, two summers ago. She is backpacking it now and living in youth hostels in each location.  She is living a dream and at 21 this is the time to do it!

Of course our first correspondence had to do with food.  She returned to a favorite ice cream parlor and had the best ice cream ever – Marzipan (almond).  Outside the Ice cream parlor – I guess EIS means ice.  Notice the passerby with cone in hand and bright yellow building in the background.  Trees in cities always makes them picturesque.

She also had the best falafel of her life she said.  It was prepared in this cozy kitchen and made to order.Fast food in Berlin

I will be reporting and posting on her whereabouts and experiences, sprinkled throughout my blog, for the next two weeks.

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