Y2 – Day 241 – THE Moment

What moment are you living now?  Is it full of fear and dread or is it aglow with love and light?

We are spirit and timeless and we always are but it’s in the moment that we have the lightening thought of peace and now that we understand this.  That moment is irretrievable and now that moment is gone.  There is no next guaranteed moment so all we have is THIS moment.  The concept of being in the NOW was fully explained in Eckhart Tolle’s book but is still difficult to grasp.  Once you pause and find yourself fully in the moment, you will keep searching for the peace and cannot help seeking the spiritual in your earth life.

Every moment of joy, every minute of truth and all your exchanges of love become the infinite reality of your soul.

My mind wants to analyze but peace only comes through to the quiet mind that is not thinking but remains in the now.  The higher energy transmits in the now and that thought brings peace and serenity.  I remember the first time I felt peace I did not know what it was.  I mentioned the feeling to another and they assured me I was on my way…..

You can’t get away from the Eternal Present.  That is where you Higher Power resides.  That is why it is said – “(he) is among us.”

Seek to be guided and healed.  When we heal, the world heals.

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