Y2 – Day 234 – Joy

“Joy is not in things.
It is in us.”
Richard Wagner

Gentle, peaceful joy is all I want.  When I get into a tight spot in my head, I ask, “How can I see this differently?”

If I feel guilty, I am listening to the wrong adviser.  Maybe it is my ego?  Instead, I listen to my higher, inner voice, that place where LOVE resides.

Putting a smile on my face, I greet the day.

I have the ability to change how I feel about the “hurt” or “offense” I believe is true – by dropping the denial and obstacles.  Instead, I choose to release grievances, resentments, judgments and discontent by letting go of my ego and all its illusions.

I cannot feel conflict if I want to express my creativity so I must find serenity to generate ideas.  The steps to a tranquil mind include meditation, positive thought, gentle motion and the consciousness of being in the now.  The experience of Now is timeless.

Self induced fear holds me back.  I invite Love to be my focus.  I demonstrate Love and what it looks like.  I accept that everyone, including myself, is doing their best according to their awareness. And when I have a miracle impulse to extend and express my love, I do not let my fear or ego distort the outcome in order to stop me.

I am called to be a light bearer and avoid the drama.  By putting negative news, thoughts and views in my conscious, I am perpetuating it.  I change the dialog within myself and  I change what I think by remaining right here, right now, in this space.  Is it happening here, to me, right now?  Then, why would I place that in my mind’s eye?  Why would I continue the destruction by sustaining its evil validity in my Brain?  Why memorialize, internalize and preserve it?  I give my unloving thoughts to Divine Source and surrender it, one thought at a time.  And, there is but one thought, one choice.

If it seems complicated, it’s my ego showing off and distracting me.

Love is simple.  Joy is mine.

When I am unhappy, I need to remember to say, “This thought I do not want, I choose Peace (or Joy or Love or Compassion or Forgiveness) instead.”


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