Y2 – Day 207 – Lessons from my Attitude

I am truly a gem amongst all the gems in Life’s Jewlery Box.  I am not more, not less.  Sometimes, my attitudes or actions are incongruent with who I really know I am – as if I was performing, putting on an act – and I always feel lousy or pay for it in some way, after that.  I feel my best when I follow my “child’s” heart.   I am my most authentic self when I am closest to my Source of the Highest Inner Vibration and Animation or SHIVA – the Hindu god that stands for letting go of all forms via destruction of the ego, purification and new creation, and represents the most essential goodness.

I need to be true to myself and not make excuses for it.  Honesty, openness and willingness or HOW must be my mantra.  I rejoice when I follow through with what I truly believe in about myself or other matters.  I need to stand up for self, take responsibility for self (my actions and attitudes) and not blame it on another or circumstance, diverting attention from the only one who can perceive and change (me).

I ought to accept others are on another road.  I keep my eyes on my own road, stay in my own lane and drive my own transportation through this existence, the best I can.  I maintain and treat my vehicle and my soul well.  That’s when I feel my best.  My greatest attitudes and actions come from treating myself like I am special.  Self-respect trains me to stay on my own path and disciplines me to stay right-sized.  Self-care nurtures me into knowing my true purpose and balances my decisions towards those pre-approved goals I am destined to have passion for.  Self-reflection accomplishes this insight via quiet, intimate meditative and solitary moments as well as through interaction with others.

“He does not believe who does not live his belief.”
Thomas Fuller

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