Y2 – Day 208 – Vegan Grilling

It is the middle of the summer.  Grilling is so popular this time of year so I thought about what could a vegan grill on an outdoor fire?  When we barbecued on the Fourth of July, we kept one side of the grill just for vegan fare so as not to contaminate.  That is something to keep in mind.

Simple Ideas that would work as sides for omnivores as well are the ‘obvious’ corn on the cob.  At the fair, we had seasoned grilled corn kernels in a cup, hot off the grill and expertly shaved off the cob.  This kept the kernel skins from sticking to my teeth that occurs when you are chomping on a cob.  It is a terrific way to serve corn.  The corn ‘milk’ is naturally released, so by adding chili powder, spices, salt and lime juice created a tangy sauce that married well with the crunch and sweetness of the yellow grain.

Another clear cut option is vegan burgers, whether store bought or homemade.  There are some excellent recipes on the internet and frozen patties abound on the market (just make sure they are vegan, not vegetarian with added eggs or cheese).

A good ole baked potato or sweet potato on the grill is always a delight.  I like my baked potato topped with salsa or pico de gallo.  Chopped Green onions, vegan sour cream and vegan butter is also delicious.  I enjoy a baked sweet potato with cinnamon, salt and a little olive or even coconut oil. Yummy.

More inventive, inspired fare would include veggie pizzas or flatbreads, pesto portablello mushrooms, veggie kebobs with peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cremini or button mushrooms and red or sweet onions.  No one ever thinks of it but how about fruit kebobs with peaches, plums, grapes and pineapple?  Grilled fruit can take on an exotic flair with some tamari, jam and sesame oil brushed before it hits the rack or rub some coconut oil on and make it effortless.  Pre-packaged,  marinated tempeh would heat up rather quickly and well on your flaming grill too.

You can get creative and if you have time and the inclination, you can make vegan sausages by making your own seitan as my daughter did, adding fennel and bavarian spices to make it truly taste authentic.

The joy of cooking outdoors is part of this season’s pleasures and keeping it simple and out of the kitchen makes it comfortable.  Celebrate July and August with healthy vegan eats and you can retain your bathing beauty looks.

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