Y2 – Day 202 – 2014 World Cup is Over

Yesterday, after watching the 9th stage of the Tour de France all morning, we switched over to the World Cup and settled in for a brilliant match between the last two teams standing in the Finals.  This was for the 2014 World Cup and Argentina faced Germany for another memorable face to face soccer combat.The official soccer ball for the last game to decide the World Champions was inscribed.

Presidents of both countries as well as other dignitaries awaited the fate of this final bout.  Both teams showed stamina, precision, heart and vigor.   The competition and fervor was equaled for most of the official 90 minutes but in extra time, Germany scored a superb goal  by a late substitution player (Gotze who was put in at the 88th minute). Everyone was tired by this time but the Germans grinded, grunted and weathered through tough plays, rough and bloody collisions and fought on to win, with one goal (in the 113th minute – the longest time to finally score a goal in any final game), into the side of the net.  German team members celebrating their hard won gold trophy, (handed to them by the Argentine president) they passed around, kissing it and raising it, in succession. 

Clearly, the teams were mated to play and to watch such two equally great rivals scrimmage and compete again was unparalleled for longtime fans, in either camp.Rio de Janiero celebrates as the iconic Jesus statue looks on.  Fireworks sprung through the top of the stadium as confetti fell over the crowds inside.

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