Y2 – Day 201 – OC writing

Yesterday, I attended a presentation by a published author who has used food in her creative fictional and memoir writing.  Right up my alley.  Whereas she is coming from a degree in Journalism and writes books, I was going specifically for the food/recipe angle and how do I write about that?  Although my daughter gifted me a book on food writing, it is always smart to go hear a writer tell you how exactly they wrote what they wrote and why.

She incorporates food memories into her characters and listed great novelists who have done the same.  She is sometimes inspired by food and uses it as a tool.

I listened to her for over an hour and realized I just have to have more confidence in my writing, because I already have the foodie part down.

Then, I crossed the hallway to the Orange Library’s bookstore and found TWO Isabel Allende books I had not gotten my hands on nor read yet for $1 (both of them).

And, a signed copy of Lora Brody’s, Cooking with Memories, Recipes and Recollections, for another $1.

It was meant to be.

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