Y2 – Day 175 – EGO

Eventually, if you are on any kind of spiritual path, you realize your ego does not have your best interests in mind.

Seemingly, your ego acts in your behalf but in actuality, it keeps you from being happy, experiencing joy and achieving authenticity.

Your ego is a false mask of who you really are and is a device used to get through a construct we invented in order to be domesticated.

Your ego is a self-reflection of your apparent self as mirrored by others, looking for approval outside itself.  But the real you is inside.

The challenge is to dig deep beyond the ego self, deflating it to attain the truth of higher self.

Your ego does not want to give up attention, the need to be special or right.  It wants you in turmoil, chaos and drama, not peace and quiet.  For if you were to get meditative, go within and outside what society thinks of you, you would realize you had no need for ego, fear and labels.  This is the spiritual journey.

Every fight, argument, disagreement, resentment, injustice and bad mood can be traced back to your ego; its wanting to hold on to some notion, its desire to control, its lack of understanding or care for others.  Your ego gets you into a lot of trouble and causes a lot of discord.

Paradoxically, when love is always the answer, your true self shines, warms and nurtures you and everyone else in its path.

Try it some time.  Ask yourself where am I coming from?  What is my true intent?  Why did I just defend that?

Even though your ego wants to dominate you and everyone else, it is really quite fragile, once you learn the truth.

When asked what do you really want in life?  Do you answer with ‘Rule the World’ or to have Peace?  Do you honestly want to sink the ship over a misperception, closed mindedness, arrogance or stubbornness like in the Titanic? Or do you want to save yourself and everyone else by listening to advice, opening up to the bigger picture and the world of possibilities (one of them being you might be wrong)?

Your ego will not easily step aside but with the constant awareness, dedication and commitment to come from a place of love/truth and be damned with your place/role in society, you can grow and we will all profit.

When we come from ego/fear, we destroy our lives and everything around us.

When we come from love, we come from courage/heart and enhance our world, guaranteeing the evolution of the human soul.

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