Y2 – Day 174 – Artists

I believe all artists or creative types are to some extent searching for meaning and a way to intone their findings in order to translate it back to them.  It is certainly a process of interpretation.

Imaginative minds are reaching inside to excavate truths, unearthing veins of gold that mostly deliver just a dusting of what is really embedded in them.  Just the edges of profundity are shared.

Many if not all inspired beings are governed by displeasure, uttering the sounds of pain via their symbol of art.  Suffering, manifesting and inflicting tears into explanations of survival within a soul trapped inside a human form.

It is rare for meaningful or original work to seep into a pleasant frame of mind because when you are in the joy of lightheartedness, it sounds trite to describe it as you are experiencing it.

An Invocation:

Oh, great creative spirit, lend me your thoughts.   I listen and transcribe what you want the world to hear.  May I be a conduit to spirit, philosophy and poetry.  May I help others with your words.  Help me clean and polish each phrase and turn of speech.   Oh, Grace, divine soul of writing and love everywhere, help me say in clear words of understanding, flow and logic, what it is I need to release, express and share with the world.  Thank you.

And so it is.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.” – Rumi


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