Y2 – Day 146 – Stillness

“The greatest revelation is stillness.” – Lao Tzu

Just try being still for one minute in this crazy world, in your busy day, in your ‘monkey mind’.  That is where the answer and the path lies for me, in the pause, before I respond, act or think.

And then the question becomes, “Am I focusing on love?”

The sage is not concerned with what is beneficial to him but what is best for the highest good, in the end.  The big picture looms large and clear to those who can find the stillness.

In the hush, in the silence, we listen to our higher selves.

“Be of service to your family and others,” it tells me, “By letting them see their glory, by praising and encouraging them.”

“Live in the moment, don’t lose any more time over nonsense.”

“Have gratitude for being born.”

“ Forgive”

“Make amends and take action.”

“We are one.”

After a meditative moment, we may feel warm; have a good sense of self, peace and direction.  Discovery of self is on its way, again, another lotus petal or onion skin peeling back and away, the raw, teary-eyed, priceless, inner self.  On the journey, you move past behavior, into your thoughts, through emotion, past pre conception…to your true self.

Peace reigns supreme in the stillness.

I stay here in the calm, releasing and absorbing positive energy flow.  I am a conduit.  I choose to focus on joy.  I live in possibility and hopefulness… knowing that my energy flows where my attention goes.  I trust love, I wish to experience peace and I heal in the abundance of wellness.  I am a mind aware of my infinite nature.  I validate my inner creative artist by finding and expressing my authenticity.  Welcome to the process.  Join me in the stillness where our minds expand and join.  It is a frequency.  It is an elevated thought.  It is acting with integrity. It is found within, not without.   It is common ground.

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