Y2 – Day 147 – Unstoppable

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Combine inspired with motivated and what do you have – unstoppable.

When you are enthusiastic and passionate you feel you can do it.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  You can do it!  You can do it when it is filled with your creativity and generosity of spirit.  It will spring forth from you like a fountain.  You won’t have time to write it down, paint it, scribe the musical notes or mold it because it will be channeled to you so fast.

Just ask and you shall receive.


Today we started a practice-writing group. 

I have heard, “Wherever two or more are gathered…. Divine Spirit will be there.” And I believe it, if we are there for the same reason. 

I invited two writing friends and only one could make it.  We came to the coffee shop with a spiral notebook and a pen.  I wrote prompts on index cards, turned them over and she picked one.  She read it aloud, “I walked into the room and…”  And then we feverishly wrote for five minutes while my i-phone timed us in silence.  When the timer rang, we read what we wrote to each other.  It was brilliant and raw. 

I picked another index card and turned it over, “write about your worst/best Halloween.”  We continued for ten minutes.  When the chiming of the smartphone peeled, we put our pens down like top chef contestants, dropping their knives, taking off their aprons, hands in the air, after an elimination challenge.  

With the next index card and prompt, we wrote for fifteen minutes, each prompt taking us deeper into the heart of our writing, searching, scraping, plucking and scratching through to hear our own voices on the page.

We read our last exercises and then rested back in the comfy couches, chatting about other issues and feelings and realizations we have had recently.  It opened us up, it fed us and we are eager to meet again next week.  Thank you, H.


One thought on “Y2 – Day 147 – Unstoppable

  1. Thank you Cecillia. It was such a wonderful experience. I came home and thanked God out loud in my garage. I loved having a release, and relief, a safe place for my expression. An outlet to let go of MY feelings lying in wait inside. I am looking forward to next Tuesday. Great opportunity. Thank you again.

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