Y2 – Day 142 – Guilt

Connected by blood, a pact or the past can make you feel guilty for being different, changing your mind or believing in something contrary.

Ask yourself if you have really done anything wrong.  In some families, it is wrong to beat to a different drummer.  In some societal clans, it is wrong to think outside the box.  In some relationships, it is wrong to have an opinion of your own.

As long as you are truthful to self, didn’t commit a crime, were not responsible for any wrongdoing, are kind and respectful towards others, you have nothing to be guilty about.

Another misnomer believes you are to be held accountable for someone else’s behavior.  That is a tactic manipulators use to avoid taking any blame for their actions.  They don’t want to be answerable to their own misconduct and try to pin it on circumstance or the nearest victim.  Don’t fall for it.

Each of us lives, thinks, says and comports themselves independently of others.  Being interdependent in society, community, family or relationship does not mean we are no longer held accountable for our own responses, lives, deeds, words and thoughts.

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