Y2 – Day 132 – 5 Tips to Embarking on a New Course of Action – the First Three

5 Tips to Embarking on a New Course of Action

Here are five points to consider before beginning any new endeavor, diet, journey, career path, health regimen or plan:

  1. Take it one day at a time, sometimes one-hour or minute at a time.  Rome was not built in a day, nor are habits learned overnight or just because you read about them (although I wish).

    2. Have a support group, buddy, someone you can talk to or are accountable for. 

I have a friend I only speak to about once a month and her first question is “How is your writing going?”  It is important to have someone you respect, trust and like enough to not want to disappoint, like my trainer.  Any other person but J, the redheaded trainer, would just not do.  It has to be a good fit.  Pay attention to this hint and give it the gravity it deserves.

Eventually, you have to love yourself enough to do whatever it is on your own but we all need a little nudging.  Having a gym buddy or walking companion you meet up with is a great incentive to go do it.

3.  Whatever your goal, make the journey enjoyable.

I like walking by myself, listening to a book on tape or music.  At times, I am chatting to a friend. Other times, I daydream, I play with ideas in my head or I am just watchful of nature or the world around me.  Whatever I need at the time.

I had a friend who absolutely abhorred paying the bills.  I got her a vanilla scented candle, burned her a soothing spa like CD, handed her a few herbal teas and a beautiful feminine pen.  I suggested she make paying bills a relaxing event she could look forward to and maybe even be thankful for.  I proposed she send off each sealed, finished envelope with a smile and a blessing of gratitude.  She reported taking my advice and anticipated each month with a much better attitude.  She ended up pondering how lucky she was to have gas, electricity, water and a roof over her head she previously had taken for granted.  She also related she passed the idea on to some of her friends.

When I fold clothes, I put on music and sometimes light up incense.  If I make it about meditation, I tend to make it about gratitude.  I often work out to classical music because the even tempos make me slow it down and measure my pace with cadence.  I may go walking with electronic techno beats to get my heart rate racing.

Think of ways you could be enjoying tasks more.  How could you make it pleasantly work for you?

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