Y2 – Day 133 – 5 Tips to Embarking on a New Course of Action – the last two

 #4 – Be consistent.  Don’t give up but don’t beat yourself up either.  Forming a new habit and breaking an old one takes time and is a matter of regular, continuous discipline.  Sometimes you have to push through resistance, our enemy.  Resistance comes in forms and disguises of fear.

Do the right thing and the right thing is always what is best for you.  If you have a deadline and you distract yourself with TV, food or other…. you know you are avoiding doing the right thing, which is best for you.

We may get lazy, defiant or careless but get back in the saddle as soon as you realize you are defecting from your cause. Constantly choosing the pathway to your goal builds confidence and produces results.

When you truly have an ‘off’ day or need a break, don’t punish yourself with guilt.  Be compassionate and forgiving, starting with you.  But then get back on the road again and set your sights once more on your ultimate objective.

# 5 – Reward, acknowledge and be generous with praise.  When you have aspired to your aim or are on your way – incrementally give yourself a pat on the back.  This is why a confidante, taskmaster or support group works.

Acknowledge your accomplishments and progress by keeping a log, an account or something tangible to note your difficulties so you can honestly and concretely observe the process.  This makes it easier to help someone else with the same intentions.

Share information and the secret of your success.  Give whomever asks the name of your doctor, school or classes you went to further your education.  Tell them about the people who helped you.  Offer to mentor them.

There is nothing that helps you more than helping someone else.  You learn whatever it is better, deeper and more fully.  You get to appreciate your own passion, stamina and determination. Teach, run alongside and nurture someone else’s growth and you will enhance your life ten fold.  When you give of yourself truly to another, don’t be afraid to set up boundaries.  Check your motives.

In summary:   It is rare not to have a glitch, a slump or a setback; that is life.  It is also unusual not to feel smug, hopeful and pleased with yourself when you score; that is normal and necessary to proceed forward.

What new adventure will you begin or have you begun you could apply these principles to?  Which tips were the most helpful?  Are you already doing all of the above and are pleased you have been validated?

2 thoughts on “Y2 – Day 133 – 5 Tips to Embarking on a New Course of Action – the last two

  1. Wow, you nailed it the last two days. Thank you for the great advice and great daily reminders.We have to work at a happy life of serenity daily.

  2. Yes, you nailed it indeed!
    All great advice, and I love the way we can (and must!) turn dreaded tasks into pleasures. Wonderful concept and example.

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