Y2 – Day 107 – Amusement

What is your pleasure? Hobby? What do you do for fun?  Are you one of these people who never take the time out to have good old fashioned playtime?  What brings you joy?

Some people entertain themselves with video games, puzzles or interactive recreation.  Others emotionally release when playing an instrument, read or write in solitary, quiet quarters or while gardening.  What’s your cup of tea?

I have several ways of distracting and amusing myself.  I like to go through my closets when the seasons change and try everything on; discarding here, and savoring favorites, re-hanging them up, there.

I love to go play with make-up and perfume at LUSH, Sephora and beauty shops.

I love creating brand new recipes or whipping up old standbys in the kitchen.

Call me crazy, but I love doing laundry because I make the best of it.  I relax through the sorting and listen to music as I fold.  I meditate while washing dishes, I dream while sweeping floors and I feel content while scrubbing away grime.  Remember that song from Snow White, “Whistle While You Work?”

But I am most happy and time just flies when I am doing something I LOVE to do.  Find your bliss.  Take time to laugh.  Include your favorite pastimes into your daily round.

Happiness is an achievement brought about by inner productiveness.

People succeed at being happy by building a liking for themselves.

Erich Fromm


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