Y2 – Day 106 – Negative Self Talk

I realize when I complain, judge, insinuate, criticize or gossip, I feel ugly.  If I say these things about others, shame on me, because what I think I see in others, I reflect.  If I hear these things about myself, shame on them and I do not have to believe it.  If I say these things to myself, I need to stop, erase and turn it around.

I choose what to think, say and do with my day and I can squander the opportunity or be useful, productive or helpful.  This is personal power of choice.

I have been weak, a coward and have made lame excuses in my time.  Being emotionally dishonest even with myself was common ground.  But I have learned the hard way to speak up for myself, back off from negativity, detach and conserve my time and energy and put everything in perspective and prioritize.  As a result, I am free to follow my dreams.

Thought for the day: Stop sabotaging yourself and don’t listen to the self-defeating self because your words are powerful.

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