Y2-Day 10-Detox

Let’s let go of some heavy duty toxins and drink some juice.  Even if you buy bottled green juice and have as little as one 8oz serving, you will be rejuvenating your cells.  Good combinations include celery, parsley, beet, fennel, lemon, fresh ginger, apple and pear.  You can try your own concoction or look some up on line for ideas.  Carrot juice, orange juice and berry juices all go well with any greens too, such as kale.  The advantage of juicing is it side tracks stomach juices having no fiber and is injected directly into your system.  

Another option is to have a green smoothie.  All you need for this is a blender.  Start with some fruit and add some veggies.  A tasty mixture of cucumber, mint, lemon, berries or grapes and baby kale is delightful, easy and full of antioxidants.  Again, create your own.  I love banana, cocoa, maca, stevia, almond milk and romaine.  The addition of easily processed greens works best in a blender and with a green smoothie you get all the fiber.  Make a big batch and store it airtight in the fridge for later in the afternoon.

I have found that after a walk or workout I look forward to a nice cool drink of veggie/fruit juices, coconut water or a smoothie.  It fills me up and it just seems to punctuate the healthy physical choices I make to keep my body running as smoothly as possible.



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